Dear Tooth Fairy: What Dental Practice Owners And DSOs Are Asking For

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Last updated on October 19th, 2022

Dental practice owners and DSOs might have some wishes of their own for the tooth fairy, and help finding dentists and specialists would undoubtedly be high on that list. 

The shortage of qualified dental professionals that existed before the Covid pandemic has only gotten worse, with dentists and specialists retiring at a rapid rate. Their replacements from the next generation are only slowly coming into the profession as schools struggle to ramp up the number of graduates. 

Dental Expertise

Successful dental practices are turning to one solution that yields outstanding results: Using professional recruiters who specialize in finding dentists and dental specialists. The search firm PRODENT has a history of successful placements and a large network of dental professionals to draw from. This gives them a huge advantage in sourcing and securing talent, including those qualified with lasers, injectables and 3D printing.

Access to PRODENT’s Network of 312,488+ Dentists and Specialists

PRODENT’s network opens a huge pool of candidates to their clients, especially for harder-to-hire dental specialists such as General Dentists, Orthodontists, Pediatric Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Periodontists, Endodontists and Prosthodontists.

The PRODENT process is successful because it’s a careful, stepwise progression that finds — not just candidates — but candidates whose experience and temperament will fill your professional needs and blend with your practice culture. 

Scientific Tools

PRODENT creates profiles that fit your current and future needs, culture and patients to power targeted direct, networking and digital search tactics to access top-tier talent, especially for hard-to-hire positions. PRODENT also uses scientific tools to evaluate
strengths, weaknesses, cultural fit and post-hire performance. For DSOs and practices, the result is a wider of choice of higher-quality candidates. 

The detailed pre-hire process puts the right candidates in the right positions and location, but PRODENT doesn’t stop there. After the placement, it’s important to keep communications open. This plays a critical role in retaining new hires, especially in-demand specialists who have many opportunities. Professionals integrating into a new organization often feel more comfortable talking about their impressions, and any concerns, with their PRODENT contact who introduced them to their new practice. 

Targeted Search For Hard-to-Hire Positions 

Finding general dentists to work in remote locations can be especially difficult, and PRODENT’s experience with these kinds of placements — including professionals willing to take on relocation positions — is invaluable in successfully filling these vacancies. Practitioners proficient in a second language can be hard to find as well, but the depth of PRODENT’s network means practices can find and connect with them quickly. That network even extends overseas, with many clients finding success sourcing and hiring general dentists and dental specialists from outside of North America. 

In addition, the time saved by not having to hunt down, qualify and interview potential candidates can be used in providing care to patients, increasing revenues while also increasing the number, kinds and profitability of services offered.

One reason PRODENT has been able to grow its network of candidates is that its deep searches surface “silent talent” who may be open to new opportunities but haven’t yet registered with a jobs website or otherwise indicated they’re looking. And as PRODENT comes into contact with dental professionals, they’re always cataloging potential candidates’ aspirations and preferences. So, while one potential candidate might not be perfect for a pressing opportunity, they may be just right for a situation that arises down the road. Opening doors for candidates, taking their desired career path into account and presenting them with matching positions has created a powerful word-of-mouth referral network among dental professionals.

DSO Partners

That kind of result may seem like wishful thinking to hard-pressed practices, but PRODENT has made it a reality — and one that’s more reliable than counting on a mythological icon. 

Whatever situation you find yourself and your practice in, there’s always a bit of fairy dust out there to make things better — if you’re willing to look for it. 



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