PRODENT Hired Hundreds Of Dentists & Specialists For A Large DSO

July 25, 2022

PRODENT Hired Hundreds of Dentists & Specialists For A Large DSO


What does a giant DSO do when it needs specialized dental professionals? You might think that a DSO with a network of 500+ practices performing 5 million+ patient visits a year would find it easy to source general dentists and specialists, yet this organization regularly turns to PRODENT to help find the right dental professionals for a particular need or practice location.

“Most of those practices are in urban areas,” notes PRODENT VP of Dentist Recruiting Leigh-Ann Worrall. “For their normal needs, the DSO’s internal talent team fills positions. But some of the practices are in very remote areas. Filling positions for those locations from local talent isn’t an option, and some require general dentists or specialists to fly in on a schedule rather than living there full time. For the practices that aren’t remote, finding a specialist with the right skills, experience and work culture can be equally challenging. We assist them with these more challenging placements.”

The corporate talent team focuses on traditional acquisition channels — advertising and staff referrals — which may not yield a viable candidate for these positions.  PRODENT takes the opposite approach. It has a comprehensive database of dental professionals in North America and uses that information to reach out to and vet potential candidates, connecting with that large pool of professionals who aren’t currently looking for a new situation and probably aren’t on the internal team’s radar.

When one of the 500 locations has a position to fill, the PRODENT team discusses with practice managers to better understand their needs. Over the past four years, PRODENT has worked to find general dentists, endodontists, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, prosthodontists and oral surgeons.

Using input from the practice,  PRODENT combs through its database to find potential candidates. An interview process follows, and those that match are introduced to the internal talent team. The DSO continues with its own interview process, but ProDent stays involved to be a liaison between the DSO and the candidate. For example, the candidate may be reluctant to ask their DSO contacts questions about salary or working conditions, and often they will ask their  PRODENT contact instead. That feedback can help the DSO build a better offer for the candidate.

The PRODENT team doesn’t stop when a candidate accepts an offer either. They follow up after the hire to make sure everything is going well at the practice. This helps with retention. If the practice has a question about whether a new hire is happy and committed, a conversation between the  PRODENT team and the associate can help surface any hidden issues that could cause a problem.

The  PRODENT process is very detailed, so it’s unusual for serious issues to be missed before hire. And to ensure that everything gets started on the right basis,  PRODENT provides feedback to the DSO about their offer, how it matches up to the market and even about the company’s reputation in the industry.

For any large DSO, reputation is an issue because many potential candidates would rather work for a private practice or small group. In this case some members of the network are smaller practices, so there’s an opportunity for candidates to both join a DSO with a big footprint while also working in a more intimate setting. As it talks to scores of potential candidates,  PRODENT is also familiarizing more members of the industry with the DSO, its values and advantages, further boosting its overall reputation.

“We’re also sourcing candidates from outside of North America for some DSOs,” Worrall adds. “While the pool of viable candidates in any one geographic area may be small, expanding that pool by including international talent is one way of getting the best general dentists and specialists. There are excellent dental professionals in other world regions who want to come and work in North America.”

For large DSOs, having access to a continuing flow of highly qualified dental professionals is critical, and  PRODENT reliably provides that human capital. That’s helping put smiles on the faces of DSO associates and their patients.