PRODENT Recruits Orthodontists For Large DSOs

Specializing in Specialists


Close cooperation is the key to success in the relationship between PRODENT recruiters and one of the largest orthodontics networks. How close? Like part of the company. 

“Their internal talent team is small, and with a large geographic footprint and scores of locations, they need a continuing supply of high quality orthodontists,” says Leigh-Ann Worrall, Vice-President of Dentist Recruiting for PRODENT. “We work as an extension of their team. We meet weekly with their executives, directors — even the dental specialists — to make sure we’re addressing their most urgent needs and to review candidates with them.”

Having access to key decision makers is critical to  PRODENT’s ability to find the right talent. These frequent meetings keep both PRODENT and the client on the same page, ensuring the candidates they recommend will bring the right skills and attitude to the organization. 

The degree of specialization and geographic diversity make it hard to fill needs from the local talent pool. PRODENT maintains a database that includes all of the dentists and specialists in North America — not just general dentists and specialists but also hygienists, lab techs and othersOrthodontists, Pediatric Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Periodontists, Endodontists and Prosthodontists that fit your culture and patients.

PRODENT pro-actively reaches out to potential candidates who fit the profile of their current searches. These professionals may not even be looking for a new job immediately and are unlikely to be found using public recruitment sites.

Once a viable candidate is found, that’s not the end of  PRODENT’s work, it’s just the beginning. 

“Once we have someone in front of them and they want to make the hire, we help them get the doctor across the finish line,” Worrall says. “A lot of DSOs are struggling with that right now. In past years, if you were an employer and you interviewed a dental specialist, that individual needed to show up and win you over. Now the client has to win over the candidate because the candidate owns the market. 

“So they rely on us to help shape how they roll out the experience to a candidate. We have a relationship with the candidate already, and we can speak to them about their concerns and we can bring that feedback to the talent team.”

What the network does bring to the table are extensive educational and career development resources including continuing education, career building and mentorship. They help general dentists build their own networks in the dental community, so associates go to conferences and group dinners. 

The network is also open to international talent, Worrall says. PRODENT maintains contact with a large number of general dentists and specialists who would like to work in North America. 

“Australia and the UK are good recruiting areas because there are many similarities in the way dentistry is practiced there,” Worrall notes, “and they’ve been open to dental professionals from India. If we do find the perfect candidate overseas, we assist with international relocation and visas.” 

The result has been a run of successes. In addition to placing orthodontists permanently,  PRODENT also helps fill immediate needs — even temporary ones — including fly-in/fly-out general dentists for the most remote locations.  

“The network is all about having the best orthodontists, wherever they might come from,” Worrall points out. “They’re very patient-centric and it’s important that the whole experience is good for everyone — including patients — not just the business or the specialist’s.”