Why Work With ProDent

Service Level

ProDent has a single focus: recruiting exceptional dentists.

Unlike the majority of staffing or recruiting firms that work on a wide range of roles and functions, ProDent specializes in only one type of role so that we can better serve the dental industry as it grows in complexity and competitiveness.  By working with us, we will provide a level of support and communication that is unparalleled.  From the minute you engage us to the time that the candidate joins your practice, we will work with you to define the ideal candidate profile, run targeted campaigns and assess candidates who meet or exceed your success criteria.

Hire the Right Dentist

Hiring the wrong dentist is extremely costly.

It can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost business and damaged reputation in your market. With significant experience in successfully managing dental operations, our team understands the importance of hiring a dentist that not only meets your basic job requirements but also fits with your company culture, practice philosophy and will help drive your business and growth goals.

Access to Potential Hires

ProDent has advanced recruiting techniques.

Because of ProDent’s advance recruiting techniques, deep understanding of how to identify and attract top dental talent, and strong network of contacts in the dental industry, we are able to introduce our clients to potential hires to whom they would otherwise never have been exposed. ProDent also invests great time and energy in building relationships amongst dentists who appreciate ProDent’s focus and unequalled access to great employment and career opportunities.

Cost Savings

Finding, assessing and hiring a dentist can take considerable time and effort.

ProDent’s team of professional recruiters leverage advanced technologies and approaches that enable an economy of scale that are hard for the average dental corporation or office to match. Consequently, investing in ProDent’s service can result in significant cost savings for dental corporations and offices particularly when combined with the high probability of hiring the right dentist.

Time to Hire

In most markets, there are an excess number of employers competing to hire the top dental talent.

This means finding the right associate dentist for your business can take time. Waiting to hire an associate dentist associate can impair your ability to deliver service, achieve growth and achieve profits. ProDent’s aggressive recruiting approach will generate candidates faster than other recruiting and job advertising options, which in turn will enable you to more quickly fill open roles.