Who We Are

Who We Are

ProDent Search Inc. is one of the leading associate dental search firms in the country. We specialize in search and recruiting general dentists as well as specialists for dental corporations and practices.


With over 40 years of experience in building dental practices, hiring dentists, and recruiting, our team understand that great dentists drive client service, brand reputation, customer loyalty, and profits so every hiring decision you make is critical to the success of your business.


With offices in New York and Toronto, we serve dental operations and employers across the US and Canada. Our work ethic, drive to provide strong service and deep understanding of how to identify and recruit and develop exceptional dentists has helped hundreds of organizations achieve business growth and success.


Our process integrates advanced search methods and technologies, psychometric and behavioral assessment techniques, online tracking tools and industry databases.

Core Values

Core Values

Our Company Culture is based on 5 Core Values.


Always Improving

At work and in life, we are always humble, always learning, always improving.



We are driven to make things happen and achieve excellence.


We are balanced in action and in thought; embracing AND instead of OR.



We are disciplined to do the right thing at the right time; we work smart.


We are of service to our customers, our teammates, our community, and the world we live in.

April Dojcak

General Manager

April has over 16 years experience in the dental industry including managing finance, operations and human resources in highly successful multiple practice corporations. Her enthusiasm for the industry started with her career as a certified level 2 dental assistant. With this, April possesses insight into all aspects of the dental business and understands what it takes for a practice to achieve business and service success. To each and every one of her projects, she brings a passion for client service and a drive to not only meet but exceed the needs of clients and candidates.

Eliot Burdett


With more than 30 years of experience building successful recruiting companies, Eliot brings a talent mindset to all of his organizations and customers. He is a published author and guest contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc Magazines.

Brent Thomson


For the past 20 years, Brent has built and run high-performance teams that consistently won awards and exceeded targets. As well as owning several recruiting companies, Brent’s career has included success driving sales at Rational Software (acquired by IBM), Fastlane (acquired by Quest software), and EDS Systemhouse.

Craig Hung


Craig helps ProDent see the truth behind the numbers. Craig is a seasoned Controller with over 20 years experience leading accounting departments. Prior to joining ProDent, Craig was the General Manager at Payment Services Corporation and Corporate Controller with Momentous Corp.

Kim Morin

Culture and Business Ops Manager

Kim has spent over 20 years striving to find the right solutions, processes and talent to drive companies forward. As People, Culture and Business Operations Manager Kim enables and empowers the ProDent team to do their best work. Key to this is developing and supporting an environment where our vision and values drive behaviour. Being part of a value driven and leadership focused group allows Kim to build the right team that accelerate ProDent’s growth.

Keith Johnstone

Head of Marketing

Keith Johnstone is the Head of Marketing for ProDent Search. He is responsible for building ProDent’s global brand; creating client awareness and advocacy, and driving customer preference for the brand through all channels. Keith has over 10 years of marketing and management experience, working in the recruiting and international security space, and is a recognized contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, HR.com, and Manta.

This Is How We Give Back

At ProDent, we believe in karma.

We give back not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because we want to return some of the good fortune we’ve been given. We love our work and have the privilege of spending our days surrounded by the best colleagues and customers in the business. That’s pretty special.

Helping Heroes – Kiva Lending Team – People who have the courage to start their own businesses, support themselves, employ others and contribute to their community are our heroes! Our lending team supports mostly businesses that are run by single moms in third world countries (could there be any larger challenge?). To learn more or to join our lending team, click below.

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United States Headquarters

71 Broadway Ave. Lobby 2b #152

New York, New York



Canadian Headquarters

777 Bay St. Suite C208B

Toronto, Ontario

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