The Perfect Hire Solution brings great dentists together with great dental practices and corporations

Current Needs Analysis

Ensure you’re recruiting the right candidate.

Every client receives a detailed analysis of their current hiring requirements and objectives, culture, practice environment, and employer value proposition. A job summary and hiring criteria are then created that clearly defines the specific skills, experience levels and other credentials that are critical to meeting your current needs and making an exceptional hire.

Future Needs Analysis

Get ahead of the future.

This forward looking process helps you and anticipate and explore future job requirements. We help you further define the type of person who will not only be best suited to deliver immediate results, but will also have the depth to maximize opportunities as the practice grows.

Employer Branding Maximizer

Get your brand working for you.

Your brand matters. That’s why we perform an audit of your current employer brand and reputation, scoring your ability to attract the best employees in the business. We then provide guidance on how to become an employer of choice and make a positive impression on exceptional candidates.

Targeted Search Plan

Stop waiting for candidates to find you.

Every client receives a unique search plan which clearly outlines the specific networking, direct recruiting, and digital marketing tactics and resources required to get access to hard to reach candidates.

Candidate Selection Navigator

The perfect hire. Every time.

We perform an objective strength and weakness as well as a culture fit evaluation on each candidate to help guide you through the final selection. We also manage all financial negotiations to ensure a stress-free relationship between you and the candidate.

Performance Optimizer

Get every hire producing results faster.

Our comprehensive post-placement follow-up process maximizes the performance of your new hire. Through consistent and structured conversations with you and your new hire, we provide critical feedback during the initial performance period to ensure total satisfaction for both parties.