5 Expert Tips on How to Recruit Dentists (And 4 Common Hiring Mistakes)

Last updated on November 21st, 2023

How do you recruit dentists that align with your practice culture, provide top patient care, and increase overall revenue? This guide has the answers. 

Corporations, groups, and private practices alike are all competing for the best and brightest of dentistry. The challenges surrounding how to hire great dentists come at no surprise, that is why it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with recruitment. But the challenges don’t stop there. Retaining top-performing dentists after they are hired is a step that is often overlooked. 

This blog post covers our strategy for finding top performing dentists – how to begin, where to look, and how to keep them satisfied after the hire. If you want to get a head start on finding your next dentist Contact us today to discuss your hiring needs.

Where to find dentists?

Before you start hiring new dentists for your practice or organization, you must have a sound understanding of where to find them. There are a handful of places where you are more likely to find the most qualified candidates. Let’s explore some of the areas where you can find potential candidates to fill the dentist position in your practice.

New Grads/Dental Schools

Visit any of the highly equipped and quality dental schools near your location to check out potential employees. These schools often host networking events for potential employers. If in-person visits aren’t an option, consider making connections virtually. Vetting dental students can help you get a head start on your future hire, prior to their actual graduation.

Job Fairs and Exhibitions

If you can find the time, we recommend that you attend healthcare or dental job fairs. You can participate in these industry exhibitions by setting up a booth. This will bring potential candidates your way, and help narrow your search for qualified personnel.


It never hurts to post a job advertisement on LinkedIn or Indeed. Dentists will have the opportunity to see your post and either apply themselves or share with their network. Posting job advertisements can be zero cost way to get the word out about your new position.

Recruitment Agencies

You can also engage the services of dental-specific recruitment agencies, such as Prodent Search. Our comprehensive network significantly opens up the pool of potential candidates. 

How to attract dentists?

Identifying specific qualities and skills you want in a dentist, and knowing where to find them, is only half the battle. The highest-performing dentists often seek out the top practices, so it’s important to position your practice as one of the best.

The following few steps will help you attract top candidates.

1. Offer a minimum daily guarantee: 

Money plays a pivotal role in recruiting top-performing dentists. One of the most effective strategies to attract qualified and capable professionals is to offer a minimum daily guarantee. This guarantee not only conveys your commitment to their financial security but also ensures them a stable income. Regardless of how light or heavy their daily patient load might be, a minimum daily guarantee is especially appealing to new hires, particularly those relocating or burdened with student loans.

2. Offer a signing bonus or relocation bonus:

When it comes to using money as an attraction tool, consider offering prospective employees a signing bonus. While signing bonuses aren’t rare, they often tip the scales for candidates weighing their options. Your practice might be the perfect fit for a dentist, but a competitor’s generous signing bonus could overshadow your offer.

Additionally, if you’re recruiting from various locations, consider offering a relocation bonus. This can be a game-changer, alleviating the financial stress for dentists considering a move to join your practice

3. Offer a Continuing Education (CE) allowance:

One of the best ways to attract and retain the most qualified dentists is to offer a Continuing Education (CE) allowance. This incentive empowers your associate dentist to refine their skills and stay abreast of the ever-changing landscape and technological advancements in the dental industry. Such perks help your practice stand out as one deeply committed to the professional growth and evolution of its team.

4. Offer mentorship where applicable:

Just like offering CE allowance, offering mentorship benefits your practice greatly and attracts the kind of dentists you desire. Mentorship can include training and guidance from other senior dentists/specialists in the practice. Potential hires will view your practice as a place where they can grow and develop their professional skills and capabilities. If your current employees already benefit from this, they will surely inform their qualified colleagues who are looking for a step up.

5. Talk with the Prodent Search team:

Before opening your wallet, we urge you to consult with our team at Prodent Search. We’re more than just a recruitment partner. When you collaborate with us, we provide insights into how your opportunity stacks up against other positions in the market.

Armed with this knowledge, you can craft a more competitive compensation package and present your job offer in a way that heightens your chances of securing and retaining only the most skilled and qualified dentists.

What are some common hiring mistakes?

If you’re new to dentist recruitment, there are pitfalls to avoid. Let’s explore these common mistakes and how to sidestep them.

1. Not considering the competitive market:

If you’ve found a dentist who meets your criteria, remember you’re likely not the only practice eyeing that candidate. Don’t underestimate the market’s competitiveness. Failing to recognize the competition can cause missed opportunities. To stay ahead, communicate with candidates promptly and stay informed about market trends to fine-tune your recruitment strategy.

2. Settling for the wrong hire:

Settling for just anyone after missing out on your ideal candidate is a desperate move that seldom leads to a positive outcome. The mismatch becomes even more glaring if the candidate doesn’t align with your practice’s culture or approach to patient care. This can lead to dissatisfaction all around — for the new hire, your existing team, and yourself. To avoid this pitfall, ensure you prioritize candidates who truly resonate with your practice’s culture and focus.

3. Not understanding a candidate’s 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year goals and plans:

To ensure stability in your dental practice, it’s vital to understand a candidate’s objectives for the next 1, 3, and 5 years. Hiring without this knowledge might lead to bringing in someone whose professional trajectory doesn’t align with your practice’s vision. This misalignment can result in internal conflicts, disrupt the harmony of the team, and potentially lead to staff turnover. The ripple effect of such conflicts can also impact patient care quality. So, during the hiring process, it’s essential to clearly communicate your practice’s goals and ensure the candidate’s ambitions are in sync.

4. Relying solely on job ads to attract active candidates:

Relying solely on job ads to recruit qualified candidates is a misstep. Many in-demand candidates, often already employed, may not even see these ads. Beyond that, a job ad might not capture everything that makes your practice attractive. But perhaps the most significant drawback of depending solely on ads is the potential influx of unqualified applicants, sifting through which is both time-intensive and frustrating.

To sidestep this pitfall, diversify your recruiting strategy. Consider tapping into proven avenues like professional recruitment organizations.


The ever-changing landscape and evolving market trends of the dental industry underscore the challenges that come with recruiting. You need to know where to find qualified candidates first. When you’ve identified your prime candidate, you need to know how to attract them. Here at Prodent Search, we can help you speed up your recruitment process. Contact us today to discuss your hiring needs.


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