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Last updated on April 22nd, 2022

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Case Study Tile that says prodent found better quality talent while Dr. Adatia stayed focused on her business and patients



After the unexpected departure of two associates, Symmetry Dental saw a dramatic decrease in production numbers.


Symmetry Dental leverages PRODENTS’s structured recruiting methodology to target, assess, and hire the right dental associate.


Symmetry Dental’s production numbers

are forecasted to increase quickly and the owner and primary dentist, Dr. Adatia, is able to continue to provide patients with an exceptional standard of care and allocate more time to growing the business.

Case Study Quote_Dr Adatia taken from that says "had I not consulted Prodent, I would have ended up settling for a lower quality candidate which could have hurt my business and worsen turnover rates.
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Quote from Dr. Saleema Adatia that says 'from the get-go, Prodent's team was able to give me candidates that I never would have been able to find or source on my own. I felt reassured and confident we were going to find the right person."
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Symmetry Dental Centre is a dental practice based in Calgary, Alberta, dedicated to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and creating an environment of confidence and comfort. With over 95 years of combined clinical experience, Symmetry Dental’s differentiator is their talent. Their staff are among some of the best trained professionals in oral health and are held to the highest standard in professional care. They believe in an uncompromising quality of care, where communication, education, and prevention are foundational cornerstones in the partnership they share with their patients.

In 2018, Symmetry Dental experienced an unexpected departure of a dental associate at the same time as another retired. The loss of two associates had a major impact on the organization, “Losing two dentists at once had a major impact on the practice,” says Dr. Adatia, owner and primary dentist at Symmetry Dental. “We saw a dramatic decrease in our production numbers and it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with our existing patient base. Personally, I went from working three days per week to six days per week and was starting to burnout.”

To maintain their level of quality service while increasing production numbers, Symmetry Dental needed to recruit a top quality dental associate with the ability to fit well with the team and the philosophy of the practice.

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Symmetry Dental began their search for a new dental associate through the use typical recruiting methods, including networking in the industry, placing ads online and in journals, and visiting study clubs. This method not only produced zero applicants, but resulted in the previous hiring of four dental associates that departed before their first year of employment – impacting turnover rates and team morale. “My past recruiting strategies proved to be ineffective,” says Dr. Adatia. “It didn’t produce any candidates, and when it did, they were not quality candidates.”

That’s when Symmetry Dental decided to consult the experts. They partnered with PRODENT Search, a recruiting firm specializing in the dental industry, to find the right dental associate who not only met their job requirements but also fit within their company culture and practice philosophy. Through PRODENT’s strong network of contacts in the dental space and advanced recruitment techniques, Symmetry Dental quickly gained access to quality candidates, “From the get-go, PRODENT’s team was able to give me candidates that I never would have been able to find or source on my own,” says Dr. Adatia. “I think had I recruited for this position on my own, I would have settled for a less than satisfactory candidate. With PRODENT, I felt reassured and confident we were going to find the right person.”

For Symmetry Dental, it was also very important to reduce turnover rates. To find the right dental associate with the potential for future partnership of the practice, PRODENT leveraged their advanced search methods and technologies to ensure Symmetry Dental’s hire had the right DNA for not only dentistry but also future business buy-in. “PRODENT’s process allowed us to take a deeper look at each candidate’s DNA – understanding their behavior and motivators – and helped us in determining whether or not they were a good fit as a Symmetry associate with potential for partnership,” says Dr. Adatia, “With PRODENT, every candidate is thoroughly screened so you’re much more confident that you’re making a hire that’s going to stay and grow within your organization for the long-run.”

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Symmetry Dental confidently hired a new dental associate that demonstrated successful experience providing high-level dentistry service and the commitment and drive for future business buy-in. “We hired a great associate,” says Dr. Adatia, “She has great quality work, she has good margins, her patients have great experiences with minimal pain, she’s proven capable of educating patients, but most of all, she’s shown a commitment to our practice.”

From a business perspective, Dr. Adatia was able to save over 40 hours in recruiting time which she was then able to reinvest in her practice and patient care. “I was stuck doing dentistry six days per week and didn’t have the time or capacity to focus on recruiting,” says Dr. Adatia, “With PRODENT, you get a list of candidates who are pre-vetted and qualified for the position. It really takes the stress out of recruiting. Had I not consulted PRODENT, I would have ended up settling for a lower quality candidate which could have hurt my business and worsen turnover rates.”

In the upcoming months, Symmetry Dental’s production numbers are forecasted to grow quickly. “I would absolutely partner with ProDent again. In fact, I’ve already recommended you to my friends in the dental space,” says Dr. Adatia, “They really took the time to understand my business and what I was looking for in an associate, and then delivered upon that. I was absolutely impressed.”

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