7 Signs You’ve Found Top Dental Talent

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To find a top dentist, go beyond checking their education, license, and ADA membership. Dig deeper into their character and professional qualities. In other words, top dentists don’t just look good on paper — they deliver outstanding care in practice. They use their dental skills to promote oral health through personalized care and attention to detail. 

We have worked with many dental practices and professionals and identified seven qualities of top dentists. In your talent search, keep these in mind, explore the candidate’s work history in light of them, and ensure that any dentist you hire values these qualities as highly as you and your team do. 

7 Qualities and Characteristics of a Top Dentist You’ll Want to Hire

#1 A Top Dentist Is An Active Listener

The right dentist will approach patient engagement with skill, care, and kindness. They understand that most people experience some degree of dental anxiety, and they aim to make every patient’s experience a calmer and more pleasant one. 

Patients who feel they have a voice throughout dental treatment and procedures are more likely to express their concerns, give their care providers accurate information, and have a satisfying experience overall. Top dentists show their patients that they are heard by tending to patients’ comfort issues and providing treatment that addresses their most pressing concerns. 

#2 A Top Dentist is Respectful to Patients and Staff

When dentists show respect to everyone they encounter, their staff and patients follow suit in their presence. Top dentists know the power of respect to build rapport and a reputation for quality care. We’ve found these four components are always present in the office of a top dentist:

  • Excellent bedside manner — top dentists show empathy and understanding when their patients are anxious, in pain, or making tough care decisions.
  • Understanding financial constraints — top dentists work with their patients to create payment plans that allow them to get the care they need when they need it.
  • Always on time — top dentists have their appointments arranged so that they can always be punctual with their patients. 
  • Never in a hurry — top dentists do not rush their visits or procedures to ensure patient safety and comfort.

#3 A Top Dentist Values Their Patients and Team

First-rate oral health is a vital part of overall well-being and life fulfillment. This is why top dentists take the time to get to know their patients professionally and personally. A little curiosity goes a long way in understanding a patient’s medical history and determining better care options. Patients will also be more receptive to recommendations and feel valued when their dentist asks about their life. 

Dentists who perform their jobs like salespeople are not top dentists. Top dentists stay focused on the true dental needs of each patient and only make recommendations based on detailed evaluations. Their priority is excellent oral health, not their practice’s profits. 

#4 A Top Dentist Focuses on Necessary Care and Wellness

When top dentists communicate treatment options to their patients, they give a comprehensive overview of what is needed, create a timeline for the necessary dental procedures that work with the patient’s budget and schedule, and always keep patient comfort at the forefront. In this process, patients should never be upsold into procedures they have not requested, expressed interest in, or shown a genuine need for. 

#5 A Top Dentist is Highly Skilled and Always Learning

Top dentists are committed to remaining top dentists via continuing education, training, and cutting-edge technology. You’ll often find them attending dental conferences and connecting with other dental professionals to keep their skills — and the skills of their staff up to date. True top dental talent will have the expertise to answer patient questions and know about procedures and dental care options beyond what a patient would even think to ask for.

When top dental professionals apply their experience and expertise, their patients’ results show it. The procedures they perform are highly efficient, thorough, and rarely, if ever, result in complications for the patient. If they have a record of short patient recovery times, it’s likely that they are a top dentist — and can contribute to high patient retention rates at your practice. 

#6 A Top Dentist Maintains a Clean and Orderly Practice

A clean dental office is a non-negotiable for any top dentist. When patients walk through the door, they should be greeted with an orderly front desk and a neat waiting area. This signals to the patient that the rest of their experience will follow suit. Since dental work requires sterile tools and spaces, the cleanliness of a top dentist’s treatment rooms should also be impressive. A top dentist will always expect their office environment to match their dedication to top-notch patient care. 

#7 A Top Dentist Keeps in Contact With Patients

Whether you’re looking for top dental talent in general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, or endodontics, a top dentist will be in the habit of keeping in contact with their patients. Phone calls to follow up after complex procedures, emails notifying patients of upcoming promotions, and SMS text message reminders are all ways that top dentists will stay ahead of their patient’s dental needs and maintain patient satisfaction.

We can make finding top dental talent for your practice streamlined and less stressful. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your recruiting efforts and beyond. 

Dental patient giving a thumbs up.


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